Summer Membership – Community Supported Agriculture

Our summer membership, or community supported membership program (CSA), brings our blooming fields to you. A traditional community supported agriculture program is a commitment between farmers (us!) and individuals (you!) to share the risks of the growing season with each other.

Whether you are a seasoned supporter of local agriculture, or new supporter, consider joining our membership. Becoming a member early in the growing season assists farmers with the cost of seed and labor before the flower fields are bustling with blooms.

The 2020 membership is available July-October. See below for options and pricing.

Membership Options & Pricing 2020

Fresh Bouquet- $30/week
$120 – includes 4 bouquets delivered on Thursday mornings.

The bouquet share consists of one lovely hand-tied bouquet designed by the Midsummer Flowers staff and presented to you in a recyclable wrap each week. Local delivery and tax are included.

Are you interested in splitting or sharing a membership with a family member or friend?

If you want to support local farmers, but receiving a bouquet every week is too much. Consider splitting or sharing your membership with a family member or friend!

Fill out two forms and cross reference each other. Decide who receives a bouquet each week and send us your information.

Fresh Stems – $40/week $160- includes 4 buckets full of blooms delivered on Thursday mornings.

The flowers in this option are loose stems in a very full bucket. This means they are not arranged in a bouquet.

The flower bucket share is a great choice for members who love to create their own floral art and have multiple bouquets around the house. It is also great for local restaurants, cafes, salons, offices, and mom and pop shops that would like to fill vases on their tables or desks.

Are you interested in our membership, but have a planned vacation? We can customize delivery dates to fit your needs.

When you join Midsummer Flowers Summer Membership you’ll be purchasing blooms that have been grown without any synthetic chemicals in a field where nurturing nature through biodiversity and sustainable practices is top priority. Thank you for supporting local farms and helping us care for our Earth.