Monica and the first bouquet she made during the inaugural 2020 season.

Specialty flowers and sustainable agriculture at Midsummer Flowers.

Monica is the owner and farmer florist at Midsummer Flowers. She grows over fifty varieties of annual and perennial flowers on 1/4 acre. She leases land on her family farm in the little Locke Paddon community, just outside the city of Vacaville. She lives on the farm with her husband and dog and they enjoy spending their evenings and weekends improving the land.

Midsummer Flowers was named after the longest day of the year. In cold climates, many wildflowers begin blooming at this time, and it is a lovely day to celebrate warmth and light after a long, dark winter. Midsummer Flowers pays homage to her time farming on the east coast and the blending of American and Swedish cultures in her immediate family.

As a child, Monica always picked her mothers flowers too early because she was so excited to share their beauty. As a business owner, she promises to pick your flowers at their peak. She is thrilled to be operating a small farm business and can’t wait to share the beauty and bounty with you.