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Midsummer Flowers

Vacaville, California

Midsummer Flowers is located on the western edge of the fertile Sacramento Valley in Vacaville, California. Mount Vaca rises to our west, and the Mount Diablo meridian stretches one mile east. Before the late 1960’s, a creek ran through the property and our soil reflects a history of seasonal flooding. We aim to improve the quality of the soil by cover cropping, adding compost and reducing tillage.

We proudly grow over 30 varieties of annual and perennial flowers, fillers and foliage. We use these blooms to create vibrant, whimsical and unique bouquets. It is our goal to share seasonal beauty through floral design. Read our buying local page to learn more about how supporting small farms can improve communities.

We look forward getting to know you and brightening your day with bouquets!

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