Midsummer Flowers LLC

Cultivating community and fresh flowers.

Solano County, California

Midsummer Flowers LLC is a small farm that grows seasonal flowers in Solano County. We sell to florists, designers and Vacaville Farmers Market customers. Our wedding and event arrangements use 100% locally grown products.

Monica is the owner and farmer at Midsummer Flowers. She moved to the land in 2019 after five years of working on on other people’s farms. She cares for the land with her husband, son and two dogs. Every season she finds joy an amazement in watching flowers bloom.

Midsummer Flowers LLC is named after the longest day of the year. In cold climates, many wildflowers begin blooming at this time, and it is a lovely time to celebrate warmth and light, after a long, dark winter.

To learn more about the farm and follow our story, find us on Instagram @midsummerflowerfarm or sign up for our monthly newsletter below.

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