Midsummer Flowers LLC

Midsummer Flowers LLC

Specialty flowers grown on our family farm.

Vacaville, California

Midsummer Flowers is a small family farm in the Sacramento Valley. We cultivate beautiful blooms that are responsibly grown and specifically selected for success in our region.

Monica is the owner and farmer at Midsummer Flowers. She lives on the farm with her husband and son where they spend as much time as possible outside. They have dreams to improve the land and share the beauty of the farm with community.

Midsummer Flowers was named after the longest day of the year. In cold climates, many wildflowers begin blooming at this time and it is a lovely time to celebrate warmth and light after a long, dark winter. Midsummer Flowers pays homage to her time learning to farm on the east coast and the blending of American and Swedish cultures in her immediate family.

To learn more about the farm, follow us on Instagram @midsummerflowerfarm